Morphy Richards 48762 Slow Cooker Review

Morphy Richards 48762 6 Litre 290 Watt Partition Pot Slow Cooker Polished SteelThe Morphy Richards 48762 6 Litre 290 Watt Partition Pot Slow Cooker Polished Steel is a brand new model made by the number one manufacturer of Slow Cookers in the UK, Morphy Richards.

It has one main selling point and that is the partition  This allows you to cook more than one meal or type of food at once and is a great feature that isn’t actually present in many Slow Cookers.

It has only been out for a month at the time of writing but early reviews are extremely positive. I think this is going to prove to be a big hit. There aren’t many slow cookers on the market with the partition so it is going to

About Morphy Richards 48762 6 Litre 290 Watt Partition Pot Slow Cooker Polished Steel

When Was It Released?

This is an extremely new model, being released in April 2013. This explains why it doesn’t have many reviews yet.

You know that you are getting the most up to date technology and style when you buy a brand new model.

Who Is It For?

There would be two main reason to buy this model over other, competing ones. Firstly the capacity, it is extremely important to pick the right size. This is ideal for larger families (or smaller families who eat more). If you are unsure what size to get then I would go for this one as it is better to get one that is slightly too large than one that is too small.

The second reason is the partition, this is very much the unique selling point of this model. Allows you to cook two separate things at the same time, be it two parts of one meal or two separate meals. Not many slow cookers have this so if you would like that then I would definitely recommend this one.

About The Manufacturer

Morphy Richards are without doubt the number one manufacturer of Slow Cooker in the UK. They dominate the bestseller lists and their products generally get fantastic reviews. In terms of brand names you really can’t do better.

They’re actually a British company, being based in South Yorkshire and they manufacture a whole range of kitchen and household appliances.

You can visit their official site here, the official product page here.

What Are The Best Features?

  • Partition - As you can see in the image next to this, there is a partition in the bowl. As I explained above it allows you to cook two completely separate things at the same time. Ideal for a number of reason, if you have two foods in one meal, you want to make multiple meals at once, you have different food preferences for one meal in your family and much more.
  • Large Capacity - A massive 6 Litres of capacity means that you can cook a huge meal for your family in one go, add this in with the partition and you shouldn’t need any other appliances.
  • Various Settings - Has the usual different cooking level settings, high and low.
  • Easy to Clean - The bowl is removable and dishwasher safe meaning you don’t have to waste any time scrubbing over the sink. The removable pot also means that you can store in the fridge, or pre-heat it on the hob.

User Reviews

As I stated above this is a very new model, only been out a month at the time of writing and as such it doesn’t have many reviews (only 4 right now) but all of them are 5 out of 5 so users are clearly pleased with this product so far.

Click below to read some of the user reviews.

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Are There Any Problems, Complaints or Negative Reviews

At the time of writing there are only two reviews, and both of these are 5 star. Having been out for a month and no negative reviews yet would suggest that this is a decent product with no overwhelming design flaws because if there was they probably would have been mentioned by now.

If there are any negative reviews left I will update this page.

My Recommendation

I would say that this is an excellent product and would have no real hesitation in recommending it, there isn’t really any other reason to go for it other than the partition because it’s features are fairly standard. But if the partition appeals to you or you think that you will use it then you won’t be disappointed  The decent early reviews suggest that the Morphy Richards 48762 is another winner from Morphy Richards.

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